NewWhite Rabbit - Alice in Wonderland T-Shirt

White Rabbit - Alice in Wonderland T-Shirt

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Vintage Alice in Wonderland "White Rabbit" Fantasy T-Shirt

White rabbit, silly rabbit... with your trumpet and lucky feet.
Please tell us all you know, what's in that scroll you keep?

Is it something so juicy, delectably great.
Explains why you're late, for a most important date?

Does it say what Alice is here to do? Shall she wander and wonder, or cook rabbit stew?
Drinks poison or druggery, which one is which? This ain't Oz or Dorthy, there's not even a witch!

But a queen, that's so angry, and what she might want. Perhaps why the citizens, are prone to taunt.
Her head in a basket, or stuck on a rake. She said those dark words; let them eat cake!

Does it say what will happen, when we finally go die? Our choices, our dreams, was it all lie?
Is it peeks into heaven, with clear maps for all? The clouds, and the robes, and the gates and the hall?

Oh, what's in the scroll, we are dying to know! Does it solve that tough riddle, of why yellow snow?
Perhaps it's the code, to save humpty dumpty. To lego his peices, back in to some compfy.

Maybe its contents are war and deceit, with instructions for bombs and hate filled defeat.
Maps for the soldiers of the war, in the balance. Or means to end strife, and strive more for valiance.

Or secrets of rabbits are hidden in scroll, like how they go figure which gardens to stroll.
Perhaps it will tell us, once and for all. Why bunnies do nothing but eat, sleep and ball!

You think that your plucky, with that power afoot.
But you won't be so lucky, without that right foot.

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