Vintage Ganesh - Elephant Yoga T-Shirt

Vintage Ganesh - Elephant Yoga T-Shirt

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Vintage Ganesh "Elephant Yoga" Nirvana T-Shirt

It's Dharma-time... The Gods are having a party, and you best come dressed to the nines for fear of the wrath!

Lord Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles, Lord of Beginnings is our acting host... found of intellect and wisdom, his elephant head and multiple arms make light karma work of any Nirvana that need be accomplished for the event... decked in rubies and gold, dyed red for the occasion... he'll be heading the soiree in a velvet fringed dingleberry cape, handing out cities as prizes!

Zeus, the Father of Gods and Men, ruler of Mount Olympus will be there, lightning bolts in hand... his lovely wife by his side, the great goddess of Women and Marriage, Hera... she brings each of the melee a Peacock, a majestic colorful bird as a fine gift!

Aphrodite has also come, setting the stage for glamour... she was intending to gift everyone with the power of Love, but has become a bit tipsy (care of Dionysus)... it seems she intends to keep it for herself and shower only one... although, it's not quite apparent who that 'one' is yet, she's still working the room like a movie star!

Dhumavati, the tantric widow goddess... said to be the void between dissolution and new beginnings, scares all the guests upon arrival with her ugly dress and face to match... but she brings much food, and a suprising boon of sexual energy to all in the room (Hera has never been happier with Zeus, he's whispering Yoga positions in her ear!)... it's also rumored that Dhumavati is BFF with Tinker Bell the fairy lately, perhaps the two are spreading The Dust again?!?!

Yinglong the Chinese Dragon has come with Lei Gong, banging the drum with his mallet... Raijin is backing up the band with an epic display of thunder and rain... while Fujin chimes in with his swift breath of wind to enahnce the display... all in all quite a show, fit for the Gods!

Vishnu, Preserver of the Universe, is catering the party and bringing Samsara to all... despite her chosen duty, she's adored by all and spends as much time out of the kitchen as she does in... it's no wonder the food is so good, obviously made with Love!

While both Kali and Shiva are acting as greeters, but essentially they're guarding the door for party crashers... both having seen more than their share of life and action over the millenia, neither mind being present in little more than protector capacity... very kind of them!

Many more are in attendance, but have asked to be omitted from public display... this is not the first time the immortals have rocked the casbah, there are always a few stories to take home... or perhaps, intentionally be left behind... after all, what happens in Valhalla, stays in Valhalla (yes, Odin is out back with Fenrir)!

May the Gods be With You, Always.

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