Thousand Arm Kwan Yin - Asian Soul Hug Shirt

Thousand Arm Kwan Yin - Asian Soul Hug Shirt

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Goddess "Thousand Arm Kwan Yin" Soul Hug T-Shirt

Buddhist Bodhisattva... Goddess of Compassion and Mercy...
Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World... song of the times:

Every sad soul deserves a neat hug, to be smothered in bosom and blessed with our love. A great happy hug can raise you above, the darkest of clouds to the highest of breeze, eager to please with a sweet loving squeeze. We hug parents and pets and good old pal friends, lovers and dreamers and poets on end... a hug is the solution, to all things wrong... takes only a moment, less than a song!

But what of the downtrodden, the beasts of the bunch, who cannot afford housing or even a lunch? Are we there to hug bums and mongrels and mutts? No we are not; we just kick on their butts! The answer for one is the answer for all, forget not your manners or you too may fall... we live in a world unfair to the best, assuming your grace does not raise from the rest... the pedal of lotus is unfound without friends, a barren core center leaves much to amend.

The power of hug can infuse such release, so open your arms and never be cease... the charms that come through from a deep chakra hug, is the power of love and as strong as a drug... open your arms and hold the lost close, infuse all your power, compassion exposed... to the depths of the soul, and forever beyond, a new man is made though your selfless respond.

*Now go home and wash all of your clothes.

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