The Puppets Dirt March Tee - My Life with The Evil Clown Circus Cult and Friends

The Puppets Dirt March Tee - My Life with The Evil Clown Circus Cult and Friends

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Circus Freaks "The Dirt March" Bosch Puppets T-Shirt

The Garden of Earthly Delights, this is not... they once called me the Pantomime from Vaudeville, but they became nothing but sorry after that vile quip... you see, far from a simple curcus sideshow... me and my little minions march through the dirt, trapesing all over the globe... in search of our Dutch master, Hieronymus Bosch!

They say little is known about Bosch, the true believer... he did not leave a dairy, notes, papers, nothing... his exceptional artistic training was not learned anywhere, not recorded in any public record... we don't even know how truly old the master is... we only know him by his feats of magic, black or otherwise... we know him by the Triptych he left behind (before The Vanishing)... our master is a specter of exquisite phantasmagoria!

We search him infinite, bringing our circus march into town-after-town... to avoid plague, we entertain as we pass... playing our songs, taming the beast of burden with a wickedly whimsical, fantastical flight of fancy... each of my little muppets special in their own way:

Little Skull Doggery: our mascot of the rear, and chief storyteller!
Hippopotamus Grouch: only the strongest river horse alive!
Mad Monkey Messiah: our character of faith, and questionable sanity!
Goatse Girl: let's just say you already know her, or you don't!
Captain Squack: before Davy Jones flew the roost, there was The Captain!
Heidi Horse Hair: the loveliest sideshow in town!
Mayor McPoopypants: our revered diplomat, and all-around smooth talker!
Dirty Jerry: the Japanese jumper, leaps into action at the first sign of trouble!

Altogether, we're the The Dirt March... lead by myself, escaped convict and fashionable swimmer, Aleister McCrowley!

It's only another days walk, before we reach...

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