The Pink Elephants T-Shirt - Dumbo's Marching Band of Mayhem

The Pink Elephants T-Shirt - Dumbo's Marching Band of Mayhem

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Bubba and "The Pink Elephants" Marching Band of Mayhem T-Shirt

Bubba says we're gonna be Pink Floyd, and what Bubba says goes... Bubba says success comes to all mammals (esepcially the largest living land animal!); we just have to wait for it... feels like it's been an ice age though... my trunk itches and my tusks are starting to rust.

Bubba's the one who came up with the brilliant idea to start a band after he fell in love with some album called "Animals"... even though not a single tune mentions elephants, he kept harping on about the album and how we could fly elephant balloons at every concert... I don't know what he's talking about, but Bubba's pretty smart. We're "The Pink Elephants!" he kept saying in a Captain Obvious sort of way... and that was the end of it, The Pink Elephants band was born... the Mammoth Band was in full effect!

After listening to his so-called favorite album, we're not exactly like Pink Floyd per se, but that's mostly because nobody would sell is the right instruments... some long-haired kid actually sold these to us behind a high school... he said after watching that Dumbo cartoon, he "wanted some of what we had"... so we gave it to him, I think.

The kid hooked us up with some tuba horns, a big drum and a hand cymbal set... no Ivory key piano though, I think he sensed that wasn't cool... we might have opened up a can of rampage on his skinny-white ass. Anyway, dude said he got them all from the Salvation Army... he used to donate all his clothes there so now he gets a deal. I'm not sure though, there was an angry mob of students out in the field, seemed like they were looking for someone... reminded me of those Safari's my mother warned me about, so we got the heck outta there!

We still have a ways to go to with our pink pachyderm band, Bubba and I ain't no Roger Waters or David Gilmour... instead of Madison Square Garden we play the local beer gardens... the audience always think they're hallucinating when they see us, it's kinda weird... but I think we may be onto something here.

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