The Peacocks Complaints - Juno and The Peacock T-Shirt

The Peacocks Complaints - Juno and The Peacock T-Shirt

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Vintage Aesop's Fable "Juno and The Peacock" Bird T-Shirt

The greek gods were very wise at times... fables were written of their wisdom...
fairy tales that illustrate mankinds common mis-steps in life.

"The Peacocks Complaint" is one of the more obscure of these tales...
but also one of the most relevant to human beings... as it reads:

The Peacock Considered it Wrong, That He Had Not The Nightingale's Song.
So to Juno he went, She Replied; Be Content... with Thy Having, and Hold Thy Fool's Tongue.
Do Not Quarrel with Nature.

You think you might understand the implications of this poem...
but likely you cannot quite recognize it within the lens of a modern eye,
so let me tell you a story to illustrate:

She wrote me a "Dear John" letter, even though my name is Harold. She left the letter on the seat of the car as I pulled her bags from the trunk of the Peugot. I put it on the dashboard, right next to her photo below the rearview mirror. I read it as her plane took off for America. After I drove her to the airport. After I bought her a jumbo jet ticket out of Belgium, so she could 'summer' in New York... she wanted to meet Andy Warhol.

I should have known something was up when she said the plane ticket only needed to be 'one way'.

Her breakup letter explains it all... although I should have seen it coming, I didn't. It started with her intense love of American art and fashion. Then a fantacism for American TV... her blatant addiction to reality shows featuring plastic Kim Kardashian's, Clueless American Idols, and so-called "Real Housewives", that are anything but real... she also loved the commercials, all those seemingly 'miracle drugs' were just too alluring for her.

Slowly my vintage car was not fast enough for her... Europe's fog and rain was not sunny enough for her delicate hair... she went on about American plastic surgeons and all those things they could do with a little suction and a lot of stuffing... big boobs and an even bigger butt is how god's woman was supposed to look, everyone can be fixed for a fee.

She said these female necessities would be easier to get in Hollywood, all the weight-loss drugs and herbs and teas. She was excited about something called Zantrex-3, a magic potion in a bottle that made some Snooki-thing, thin again... she was losing me, I lost her.

We were perfect, we had everything... but she got blindsided, like a bug in a Venus Fly Trap... and she threw us away for an unobtainable illusion, a Snake Oil sales pitch that preys on a common weakness... a weakness that she thought would fix all her relationships, while all it did was ruin them.

The greek god Juno was wise... while Mother Nature, even wiser...
play to your strengths, don't waste your time to invent powers you do not possess.
A life spent in futility, is worse than a life spent enjoying what you have.

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