The Foxhound Band Gang Crew - Mother Natures Wild West Band - Animals with Instruments Shirt

The Foxhound Band Gang Crew - Mother Natures Wild West Band - Animals with Instruments Shirt

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The Fox Hound Band Gang Crew "Animals with Instruments" Wild West T-Shirt

The Foxhound Band Gang Crew of Timely Gentlemen with Starch Collars... their full name, in all it's snake-oiled glory!

The Pinkertons once exclaimed the virtues of an evening with the band as "The only Duodectet to actually tickle me briskets"... high praise to be certain... the only animal band on Gods Green Earth officially endorsed by Mother Nature herself... not only is she their manager, she gave birth to them!

And boy-oh-boy, do these little mammals pack a whallop... 'Fat Lip Rooster' blowing brass with the gusto of tornado alley... 'Tiger Paw' in the back, whomping drums like horse hoof to desert dust... 'Bear Neked' up front, waxing the bass bow like a shine on the moon... and 'Fox Hound' centering the gig, with a little horny trumpet call... man o' man of mars, even a runaway stagecoach couldn't catch these muckfeet when they start to whip through the sassafrass!

*You may have noticed 'Dastardly Dog' and 'Cotton Kitty' timidly sitting-in with the band, they're domestically trained... generally disregarded by Antelope Jones, Platypus the Player, Dr. Donkey (the doctor is in!), Boar Pig and Lady Lamb Chop (all naturally learned musicians) as "Products of The System" aka Stooges... so there's tension on occassion, but Fox Hound is quite sly at keeping everyone on their toes... this tends to distract any "musical gunfights" that may arise between the muckfeet and the well-to-do domestics... all-in-all making for a lively jam, and a seriously colorful tuxedo posse... not to be trifled with!

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