The Adventures of Pinocchio - String Puppet Pinnochio T Shirt

The Adventures of Pinocchio - String Puppet Pinnochio T Shirt

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Jiminy Cricket and "The Adventures of Pinocchio" String Puppet Marionette T-Shirt

Before the anarchic british puppetry of "Punch and Judy"... or the most charming Kermit the Frog, Mrs Piggy and the legendary Muppets rock band "Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem"... there was a string puppet called Pinnochio, and he just wanted to be a boy.

Pinnocchio didn't have the class of affair like a Harlequin, or a clowns grace like Grimaldi. Pinnochio was fumbly and bumbly, awkward and imposed... which give him very low self-esteem, and cultivated a bit of a "liar, liar, pants on fire" personality complex. His life eventually turned around, but it was hard journey for the poor block of wood, best described in Pinocchio's own words:

"I always felt that I was born on psychedelic drugs, and they never left my system. I've always had an uncanny feeling of being tethered to a world that wasn't letting me be my own man.

I would travel and meet people who always thought me strange, causing me great confusion and grief in my early years. I felt like a freak, and wanted to let my freak flag fly. This led to me actually try drugs as an escape, which really put me over the edge! It was like a double-dose of cosmic insight, my mind expanded like a black hole, taking in all the esoteric knowledge of the God's universe.

But my answer wasn't there, I was still lost. I now understood much of humanity, perhaps too much. So I lost respect for those who buried their head in the sand, ingorantly avoiding every element of life's truth. I felt that people who didn't want to know reality, were not helping to solve the problems we all face in this world. An ostrich with it's head in the sand, it's not only useless, but it's a BIG part of the problem. Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil... all that serves to do, is allow Evil people to get away with murder.

Needless to say, this new insight, compounded with people constantly pulling my strings, led to a lot of embellished disrespectful conversations. I just didn't care anymore. If you didn't care about seeing the real world and helping us solve the problems, then I didn't care about you. It went on like that a long time.

I eventually lost everything after discovering Poker wasn't my game. Wandering nowhere, living in the gutter with the likes of Jimeny Cricket and that crackhead, Poo Bear. It was awful, I was ready to cut my strings and really let it all fall to hell... but that's when I met Mister Geppetto, and the rest is history!"

So you see, even the worst emotional problems that exist are nothing more than a learning experience. Sure they may seem endless and drive you to madness... but they don't last forever. Eventually they fade, and eventually you learn from them... and finally, you end up wise and happy in the long run.

If you're aware that these emotions DO have an ending, then it's not so hard to deal with them, much like a hangover. Can you imagine, if you didn't KNOW that a hangover would go away the next day??? That would feel like you're dying, it would be terrifying!!!

Knowing that these feelings are temporary, just means you have to be strong for a little while. You just gotta ride them out, like a train through a tunnel. And if you're smart, you might try to embrace them and explore what they mean... so you come out that tunnel with magnificient strength and wisdom, that will carry you through life a completely changed person!

Well, at least that's what I came away with after reading "The Adventures of Pinocchio"! ;)

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