Rolleiflex Camera - Vintage Rollei Camera T-Shirt

Rolleiflex Camera - Vintage Rollei Camera T-Shirt

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Retro Kitsh "Rolleiflex Camera" Vintage Rollei T-Shirt

The prestige of an old-time retro Rollei photograph camera... embodying the joy of a simpler time! But wait... is that kind of sentiment, perhaps, just a bunch of nostalgic crap we tell ourselves, to feel as though we're now missing something today... that used to be available yesterday?

We say things were easier when the world was not tech, before we faced networks that didn't connect. Cell phone and signals, that drop conversations. Laptops and games, buzz with vibrations. New battery chargers and no film exposures, the photo booth at the circus, has signs of forclosure.

A world before iPads and apps and contraptions, that sprout from our ears, while we jog and leave captions. On photos we flickr without any thought, that show we stay fit, to play some big shot. These reasons we chase, not entirely certain, as our megapixel cameras, show secrets behind curtains. Pimples, chipped teeth, every last flaw. Our efforts are futile, to re-invent law. Our vanity becomes us, it's all such a trick, when you start to facebook those pics of your...

We wish we were perfect, in times of great doubt, and still harken back, to times when without. They had no convenience, life was such a chore, our plastic machines have become a great bore. Perhaps that's the secret, the lust of the past, that vintage nostalgia, holds such a great blast.

The stuff made with love, is held high above, our hearts keep a hole, that begs for more soul. The gadget today is fancy and nice, but will never replace yesterdays heights. With cameras and music and movies and clothes, our creations today mimic spurts of death throes. So grab a film camera, and do it quite fast, todays light is waning, you'll capture the past.

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