Pillar of Souls - Surrealism Fashion T-Shirt

Pillar of Souls - Surrealism Fashion T-Shirt

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Cosmic Museum "Pillar of Souls" Surrealist Existentialism T-Shirt

Come One, Come All... the show is about to begin...
have you ever wondered, what happens to your negative emotions once you finally let them go?

They go to the "Pillar of Souls" of course... an existential art peice, found only in The Cosmic Museum... a fine collectible gallery that harbors all the experiences of every individual on the planet earth, and beyond!

This epic, sprawling sky palace floats deep in the galaxy nebulas not far from Heaven... it's created purpose to syphon the emotions from conciousness celestial soul, taking all that lovely humanity and transforming it into stunning peices of legislature artwork for perusal... it's literally SOMA of the Universe!

The "Pillar of Souls" is on display directly in the front galleria, as one of the finest pieces in the cosmos... essentially seens as columns of humanity, they take emotions known to humankind and craft a legendary intergalactic work to put Greco-Roman architecture to shame... Zeus eat your heart out!

To begin the tour, you'll notice a similar perspective on both the left and right pillars... the smile on the faces of both the horned man and woman imply an offered friendship, while the demons above their heads represent their fear of trusting in one another.... common threads in human discourse.

Moving downards, both intellectual animals hold a cornucopia of food items, illustrating a plethora of value each brings to the relationship... valuable items the other may so inclined to feign interest for (hence the protecting demons on the minds-eye above)... such shallow creatures sometimes.

Meanwhile, the rambunctious children below each of them illustrate the requirement for both man and woman to procreate... the juveniles hairy hoof leggings represent the hellfire in a youngsters character, their childhood innocence before life's experience earn them their adult horns (addendum: "hard-earned" horns, which shape the soul and cause eternal contemplation of one's value, meaning and existence).

Life is almost that simple, two opposing sides looking for a common ground... everything in the entire universe can be explained with this basic premise... and while "Ying & Yang" is perhaps the most iconic (black and white) symbol for the meaning of life, most people still see it as a novelty... unfortunate, to say the least.

Moving on, we focus on the most interesting middle pillar... sculpted from the worries of evil souls, something both sexes are guilty of at some point in their human existance. This could be considered the purgtory of bad thoughts, the mess between the two souls.

At the very top a bird of prey sits, prepared to swallow fresh emotional darkness... once digested, the gloomy feelings are filtered through a virtual Mesopotamia of historically negative characters (Snakes, Lions, Gargoyles, etc), along the way enlightening them to their mistaken path.

Finally reaching the bottom of the stack, the vile brew of acrid smoke become trapped by the Imp of Eternal Bondage, who guards the exit for all eternity... dark emotions are never forgiven, serving as a reminder to avoid that mistake again.

Some say surrealist Salvador Dali might have had a hand in the existential painting and mural works of art found in the Cosmic Museum... but we regret to inform you, Dali himself is a piece of artwork IN the museum... therefore an artifact could not, in fact, participate in the creation of itself...

Or could it?

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