Peace Now - Hippie Fashion Revolution T-Shirt

Peace Now - Hippie Fashion Revolution T-Shirt

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Hippie Fashion "Revolution Clothing" Peace Now Activist T-Shirt

Dummy says: What is that... some kinda bird, man?
You reply: It's not a bird, it's a peace dove... dummy.

See that? That was the wrong way to handle the dummy... but that seems how it's done these days, with violence and derogatory demotivation. Nothing like a little wrong for a wrong to make everything worse, right? Right. Now let me wise you something about Peace, man... 'cuz you people ain't hip to this type of information that I'm about to drop on you... you muthas is ssslippin'!

The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, gives you the finger, calls you names, or steals your stash... do not freak out, lash out, wig out, or generally lose your cool. That's a mistake, for bait-taking suckers!

When someone else does something to make you lose your shit, not only do you lose the fight by stooping to their lower level, but you bring the entire human race down with you. The more people that see you react like an idiot (even if you were justified in acting that way), the more they accept that it's OK for them to act the same way in that situation, and other situations... slowly-but-surely dragging us all down to a moronic level of short-tempered violence, based on a weak sense of personal enlightenment.

That's how us animals work, after all... monkey see/monkey do, baby!

The only way to change the system is from within. You must play the part, no matter how unjust it seems. Life's a bitch, it ain't fair. Unfortunately, nothing changes if you don't. If you truly care about fixing the world, it's a thankless job, but you do what you gotta do, so you don't spread the disease any further than it's already infected.

Now dig this, just because you ain't flipping your lid on some fool, don't mean it can't be fun... for example, the next time someone slights you, the best way to irk them is to throw some Peace in their face... simply turn to them neatly and say; Peace Now, Sister!

This is a beautiful thing... it's quick and direct, and completely throws them off guard! This form of agressive pacification deprives the angry monkey of anything to argue with (most angry monkeys are selfish people just looking for any confrontation to take THEIR stress out on YOU)... don't. take. the. bait!

Once you adopt this unaffected stance, you completely override the pain of suffering these fools... once you understand their problems better than they do, that lets you hold ALL the cards in any conversation. There's nothing they can say to get under your skin, and the fact that they can't get to you... drives them crazy!

Just drop a peace bomb on their dumb ass, and you win... that's the entire secret to a happy life... lay back, peace out, and nod gently at your fellow travellers, as your new attitude keeps you insulated from the stupidity around you. Just chill out, give off good vibes, and don't let the demons in (and they ARE trying to get in!)... let surface issues roll right off you, like water on a ducks back... don't take another persons idiocy, personally, as it has NOTHING to do with you!!

The Dude once said...
"This aggression will not stand, man."

Peace Now - Hippie Fashion Revolution T-Shirt
Hippie Fashion "Revolution Clothing" Peace Now Activist T-Shirt Dummy says: What is that.....

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