NewMother Earth - Woodstock 1969 T-Shirt

Mother Earth - Woodstock 1969 T-Shirt

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Vintage Psychedelic "Mother Earth 1969" Woodstock T-Shirt

Mother Earth, Mother Earth, you nurture us from birth... but your life cuts the same cloth that kills us. Lifted from the womb, propelled into life, we must thank you for your gift of the universe... but what gives?

You drown us in floods, burn our homes in blazing fire, strike lightning upon the heads of our park rangers. Our animals slain with frigid cold, while our kids are stung with bees, and the bugs carry venoms of disease. Hurricanes destroy while tornados annihilate, and earthquakes topple everything we've built. You sweep us, churn us, rip us, turn us... to strike us back down to the hilt.

After all the life you give, we're stunned what makes you so rabid. Perhaps mining, or mowing, or dams that stop flowing? A ticked-off response to our dumps, spills and growing. We understand, the cycle of life is a bitch... and that you, are the original... your wrath is not understated.

Although, many are guilty, not all deserve. We compost, recycle, use paper not plastic, give up incandescent, and aim for electric... what more do you want, what more can we give... what more will make you smile upon us? Shine us with lemon sun that blows meek with sweet blue breeze, enlightens with gentle wisps of white rain.

Dear Gaia, forgive us our arrogance, let us live to enjoy your super-natural. Stop randomly killing us... and we may find more confidence in ourselves, to stop killing you.

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