Lick The Lime Lizard T-Shirt - Psychedelic Jungle Chameleon Tee

Lick The Lime Lizard T-Shirt - Psychedelic Jungle Chameleon Tee

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Lick the Lime Lizard "Jungle Chameleon" Psychedelic T-Shirt

Nobody knows I'm a Chameleon... they always think I'm a lizard, gecko, bearded dragon or jungle skink... they even try to lick me occassionaly, thinking I'm a toad!! It's almost nauseating, the treatment I get... people think just because you've got scales, claws, a long tail, strange eyelids and a colorful pattern, you must be a LIZARD!! What the hell is that all about?? Dummys.

Worse yet, I'm supposed to live about 500 years... think of that, being subjected to the wrong name by almost every person you meet (for half a millenium)... it's enough to make a brother sick, and I'm pretty adept at most dizzying patterns... having been hurled into backgrounds just to see how quickly I can change, I've been stuck in front of cave paintings, velvet Elvis posters, mounds of paisley, polka dots and freakish geometric patterns... it's enough to make a dinosaur trip out bro!

Hello, bitches!? I'm just gonna sit here and be green, you know...
(didn't "Kermit the Frog" say that once?)

Anyway, I guess it ain't all bad...
there is a good reason why people never recognize me:

Because I'm THAT GOOD at being a chameleon. ;)

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