Lady Life - Majestic Butterfly Shirt

Lady Life - Majestic Butterfly Shirt

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Lady Life "Majestic Butterfly Goddess" Mother Nature Shirt

The next time you stomp a bug... STOP!!

Would you crush a ladybug? How about a butterfly? Of course not (that's just cruel and sexist)... so why crush any other bug???

Sure they seem gross, and some are (um, cockroaches!)... but not all of them... many are just as spectacular as the human body, and should be admired as such. Take a moment to recognize the beauty of insecta... the universe made all things to serve a purpose, and that immediate purpose is to leave us in awe of mother nature's design. Smashing mother nature to mush is not a very kind thing to do, in fact it seems downright wrong.

Have you never caught a glimpse from the iridescent hues of a dragonfly wing, sparkling bright in the sun-reflected pond... try to re-create that with your best drawing tools and you're always left at a loss... there's a magic in there, and it's always a shame to snuff that magic out by assuming that it's life, is something to be killed at your fancy.

Bumblebees buzz with bright yellow and black stripes that almost look like candy... warning us stupid humans of their danger, stingers more precise than the sharpest surgeon tool... it's no mistake, nature by design!

And again to mention the Ladybug, cute little girl with tiny white spots on her red bubble back... practically adorable, and yet she's an insect... you know Volkswagen was thinking of her when they designed the VW Beetle!

Now we get to my favorite, the glory of Miss Butterfly... the most colorful, dainty, psychedelic and suave... with one of the strangest life cycles of any insect, she uses a cocoon to enter a metamorphosis, from a slow and fuzzy little caterpillar into a majestic color winged beauty... truly spectacular! And if you actually look closely, you may even find her a sultry Hollywood goddess!

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