Huge Boom Comics Shirt - Comic Book Explosions - Cartoon Speech Bubbles

Huge Boom Comics Shirt - Comic Book Explosions - Cartoon Speech Bubbles

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Vintage Comic Book "Huge Boom" Explosions T-Shirt

When I first began reading comics, I never thought for a moment that I would I end up reading them all my life... while there are comic book brands that most people recognize, such as Marvel and DC, these are not the comics I continue to read as an adult... there's of course nothing wrong with those legendary brands and the superhero stories they're so adept at exploring, but there's so much more out there in the ink-and-paper world of underground comics.

I'm not going to list off my favorite comics, there's so many it's almost futile to even try... but I will drop some names for those interested in reading something with a more "mature" subject matter... which is where comics really shine, IMHO.

Comics are a fantasy-based storytelling medium, which means a creative storyteller can take your imagination places you've never even considered... never mind reading a story with accompanying artwork, where any particular frame could easily play double-duty as a piece of respectable art on your wall... not all comics are superheros in tights with misaligned colors bleeding past the newspaper-like print... many comics these days are high art, for mature audiences.

Needless to say, our vintage comic book explosions t-shirt was created with hours of work and attention to detail... all these little peices didn't come with a roadmap, or even a size map... everything was hand-placed and hand-sized to fit into what you see above... a retro classic tee shirt that even a person with the wrong impression about comic books could appreciate! ;)

Now for that list of names I mentioned... by no means complete, just a short list of mature, subversive, adult comic writers / artists that will enlighten anyone interested in seeing what comics have to offer beyond Stan Lee's traditional superheroes... pretty much anything from these guys is worth a read, whether it's for the story, the art... or both:

- Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan is epic, for those who adore Hunter S. Thompson)
- Alan Moore
- Garth Ennis
- Neil Gaiman

And many, many more talented individuals... there are lots of fun, exploratory, visual mind journeys to be taken with comics... don't sell yourself short by thinking comics are for kids... after all, it's usually very skilled adults that create these books!

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