Hamlet Art Painting - John Austen Lady Lake T-Shirt

Hamlet Art Painting - John Austen Lady Lake T-Shirt

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John Austen "Hamlet" Art Painting T-Shirt

Authors Note: Story below is completely unrelated, go read Hamlet for yourself. ;)

Before they discovered the lake, the Tribe members were just like any other group of people. Some were young; some were old; some attractive; others not so much. They had their share of afflictions as with any forest-based Elf community; broken ears, tattered wings, holes in the magic dust bag, ageing, etc.

Then they found the lake.

One of the elder Elves stumbled upon it accidently one afternoon, as the lake was nestled deep in the heart of the forest murk... of course, in such seclusion and distance from the shire, she could not help but bathe in the crystal colorful waters, as an Elder she has come to truly appreciate nature's gifts such as this... and as mother nature promised, it was good.

It wasn't until she dried off in the days remaining sunlight, heading home, that she realized something had changed... as she walked into the commune, she was greeted by strange looks from those whom she knew as her Elfen family... she was finally approached by her own daughter, who proceeded to introduce herself as though they had never met!

This was strange, and as the Elder began to protest and explain who she was... it was then, in a moment of pause that she looked downward in frustration, catching a glimpse of herself in a puddle's rainwater reflection... there it was, in spectacular mystifying glory... an affliction-free, gorgeous young Elfen female!

It was baffling, and took the rest of the day to convince even her closest family members to trust who she was... but once they did, and the rest of the tribe members began to recognize what the lake water did for the great elder, they flocked to the lake in droves. Male, Female, Children, even animals frolicked in the lucious deep tree waters. Mothers baptized their babies. Nearby wildlife, attracted by the gleeful commotion, jumped in and swam in the magical lake... it was simply, a miracle.

That's when it all turned to crap.

Every single Elfen who bathed in the lake, was transformed into a young, gorgeous and affliction-free citizen... even the house pets... and while glorious utopia for a short while, the long game turned very sour... instead of a tribe of elders developing a system of order and wisdom... youngsters, men and women with plenty of life and nothing to fear began to over-hunt, over-eat, and simply over-excess at every opportunity... no longer did anyone want to play cautiously, be realistic... there was no longer a responsible faction of society, no element to balance the good with the bad... their entire world had evolved into an overpopulated, carbon-copy mass of bubbleheaded centerfold pinups.

As the forest animals were hunted relentlessly toward extinction, without any thought towards the future... trees were hanusly cut down for firewod, without any form of replenishment or replantation... the tribe members slowly starved to death, and in the process ruined their living environment to the point of uninhabitable... it was a disaster.

The irony... they all died lithe, young, beautiful men and women.

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