Gimme Hugs - Cute Hug Me Monster T-Shirt

Gimme Hugs - Cute Hug Me Monster T-Shirt

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Awesome Retro "Gimme Hugs" Cute Monster T-Shirt

Every good soul deserves a great hug. They're fun, and they're sweet, so dispense them with love. Heck, even the bad souls deserve a big squeeze, to dry up their tears and put hearts on their sleeve. Hugs change the day, or at least all your mood. They're so strong and so simple, at what they can do!

Give moral support, or congrats to you. They thank a good friend, for lending her shoe. Display to a teacher, how much you have learned. Or give your good dog, the love he has earned. It's a hug, just a hug, like peace in your arms... so worth the effort, they're now building farms! You heard me right, hug farms in production, the world is now changing, there's no more destruction!

Don't suffer the fools, or the jerks that be bugs, just say "Peace Now", and wise up their mugs! Even they soften, with a heartfelt embrace, that dries up their tears, and a smile on their face. A hug is the form of passion soul bliss, as intimate a sex, but less sloppy than a kiss. There's not a single good reason, to not be a fan, the hug is for life, for every last man!

Hug your mates, and your neighbors, even trees in the rains. Hug the postman, a lunchmaid, the strangers on trains. Just beware the mugger, and the things that they got, they'll steal your arms, and you just might get shot. Not everyone's capable of receiving a hug, but if only they knew, it's just like a drug. They'd never go rob, or hurt life again, if they just knew how much, a hug's like cocaine!

So don't you be stingy, with your arms and your hugs. Like a dealer of dope, go deal the drugs! Let your hugs grow on trees, like earths winds at the seas. 'cuz the best thing about them... is they're totally free!

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