Fight The Power Monkey - Revolution Fist T-Shirt

Fight The Power Monkey - Revolution Fist T-Shirt

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Fight the Power "Revolution Fist" Monkey T-Shirt

We're finally pushing back, no more iron fist on the heads of the Proletariat... they may think us nothing but monkeys, but there's a gorilla inside waiting to revolt!

You think this is a game, son??? Don't be a lemming, it's time to speak to the revolution... the evolution revolution! Raise your revolution fist and fight the power, it's time for the ape man to rise up... and we ain't talking about a parade, SON!!

Deep beneath the fur we literally are, just monkeys, gorillas, apes... but each with a soul! All animals share this thread of existance, even our dogs that walk about so swiftly on all four legs have a conciousness under that loving, furry, perky-eared exterior! Animals are simply human souls who were chosen to live among us in a simpler, more focused form. They're here to subtley, positively reinforce life's little lessons on our distracted brainwashed minds.

Animals are mother natures way of circumventing any control structure that evil humans try to put in place (because that what Evil humans do; lust for power in places they have no business). Our pets are literally human souls volunteered for these posts when they're born. You know it's true, have you never felt that maybe your house pet was actually a lost family member re-incarnate? Sure you have.

Many people notice this, perhaps chalking it up to fanciful thinking... but you know deep down it's uncanny, instinctual... because it's true. It's God's constant reminder that people are important, and the energy of the soul is everlasting. That the unconditional love of your animal is something amazingly generous and unsual, something that we should all strive to accomplish ourselves... because it's inherently right.

Humanity is currently in a manipulated De-Evolution... the vast majority of people are being cultivated to be dumber, shallower, more selfish, and irresponsible. Seriously, take a moment to read ANY YouTube comments, or watch the news for CONSTANT senseless violence on schools and religious groups (how low can it go???), and look at all the masses of baiting "TROLLS" in blog comments and social networks... people are simply not nice anymore. The masses appear to be a self-absorbed jackass that does nothing but look for reasons to fight and ridicule their fellow man. Thing is, that's not how we're born, those traits and attitudes are developed... cultivated.

When was the last time you had a philisophical conversation with a friend... a convo where you explored the idea of our existance on this planet? Our life here on planet Earth is a very mysterious, interesting and important subject... yet people rarely talk about. I've gained more philisohical enlightenment just playing with my talking Parrot, than I've had with human beings over my entire lifetime... that's just sad, people shy away from anything that involves "thought".

My point is, you monkeys need to rise up with a Revolution Fist and start reversing the de-evolution plan. Wake up, revolt, become actively aware that "they" ARE out to keep you dumbed down and distracted... it's a subversive, pervasive, insidious agenda to delay the evolution of our inter-planetary species.

You think I'm just one dude with some crazy ideas here, but not quite... the band DEVO, which stands for DE-Evolution, saw the writing on the wall... they named their band after the concept, and that was 1972... I'll bet many of you listen to Devo and don't even know that, because you're so brainwashed you can't even see what's right in front of your face... you didn't spend a moment to "think".

Now look back over the last 40 years of human existence since 1972, technology aside, and tell me we've actually "evolved"... again, go read YouTube comments for an hour and get a really good look at the mass public commentary of the human race... if HipHop has it's way, I'll be calling my wife "Bitch" in public, and nobody will have a problem with it.

People of Earth...
it's time to Free Your Mind (Your Ass Will Follow)...
Rock on brothers and sisters!

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