Eye See You - Flying Eyeball Chart T-Shirt

Eye See You - Flying Eyeball Chart T-Shirt

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Highly Fashionable "Eyeballs Chart" Doctors T-Shirt

If we didn't have eyes, the world would be soooo boring... if not only for a reason to wear all those cool rock star sunglasses... then for the window to the soul that allows us to peer into another persons existence... to see their life, through their eyes, at that very moment... that's why they say; it's all in the eyes!

Oh eyes, oh eyes, you make us so wise... expressing what's so deep in the heart, from soft love to the hardest of hate. Gaze into someone's giggle googles and discover cloudy pillows of compassion, or red hot chili peppers of rage... some are filled with terror that bulge from the skull, while others sparkle with exuberant youth and joyful glee... while the worst have harbor that dead look of apathy, sad souls that no longer understand the simple things that make life what it is.

Some eyes are so tired they grow crow's feet and bags, while the wonder in a child's eyes at Christmas light an entire room with wild enegery... the purple wrath in the watery eyes of a disgruntled ex on an especially sloppy New Year's Eve, can't hold a flame to the visions of epiphany flaring from a fresh mind in new found discovery!

Oh eyes, oh eyes, how could we despise... you know when to blink to refresh the mind, or when to cry to keep us from blind... staying closed while we sleep, to recoup from the day... making planets colors bloom, and the sunlight pray... without the eyes, we lose the mirror to the soul, the energy of day.

Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers...
Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those eyes?!?!?!?!?

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