Cosmic Funeral - Tom Waits Band T-Shirt

Cosmic Funeral - Tom Waits Band T-Shirt

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Gothic Pallbearer "Tom Waits Cosmic Funeral" Trombone T-Shirt

Hear angel trumpets, and devil trombones... You. Are. Invited.

The procession starts now... it's the funeral of the universe, and all of the beginnings are now coming to an end... the clock winds down, as the pallbearers carry the coffin of consciousness, and the band treads along a dark song, for the dwindling last light of the big bang affair.

All beings of existence, intertwined in the mercurial swirls of life, flowing past each other like a psychedelic oil in water... what once seemed important, now pales... as is apparent, a larger game lies on the other side of the cosmic chessboard.

All of the worlds superstitious cause-and-effect, bubbling and brewing as though a prehistoric volcano were about to erupt... self-important lava coursing through the thoughts and ideas of what is essentially an imaginary civilization, living on an imaginary planet, in an imaginary universe... with imaginary problems.

The glowing hearts that scream loudest for the magic of life, now come into a harsh focus... the realization is not of loss, but rebirth... that the importance is not to cling, but to release... brutally suggesting that all the screaming was nothing more than self-righteous anger and hate, than the selflessness it was disguised as.

We're all in-it-to-win-it...
but we still all lose in the end.

So let the horns blow...
while the everything turns to black on this side,
the other side is filled with color!

It's Full of Stars!!

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