NewBurger Time - Retro Hamburger T-Shirt

Burger Time - Retro Hamburger T-Shirt

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Giant Hamburger "Burger Time" Retro Kitsch T-Shirt

They tend to say eating giant hamburgers will kill you. Don't believe them, it's a conspiracy against mankind. In fact quite the opposite is true, it brings new life!

You're eating bread, veggies, cheese and (hopefully premium quality) ground beef. With that said, a fully stacked roast beef sandwhich should be just as bad for you as a cheeseburger? It's basically the same ingredients... but I bet the same people who say hamburgers are bad, would advise you to eat a roast beef sandwhich instead... BAM, gotcha... Hypocrisy. Agenda.

Just because the burger beef is grilled so it's juices come out, doesn't make it more unhealthy than the cow it started as... it just makes it taste better!!

The problem isn't the burger, the problem is that people hate Capitalism... and burger makers are the epitomy of a free market, normal people that got successful by selling something easy... which makes them a perfect target for people that are jealous of an "unjust society" that didn't give them the same success in life.

As you might imagine, these are usually people that have waaaaay too much time on their hands... people who should really be focusing on their own problems, fixing their own unhappiness... because it's that same unhappiness that's compelling them to be overly-vocal supporters of causes that don't really need focus.

Whenever I see these people preaching their causes, all I really hear is "my life wasn't fair, and I want YOU to pay for it!!!"

That's not to say there aren't things worth fighting for... but we can all tell the difference, and I'm pretty sure most people instinctively know that the sum of the parts don't add up to the level of fear being propogated... it's a roast beef sandwhich for crying out loud, quite trying to tell me otherwise!

So this shirt is more than just a cool freakin' hamburger (sure to get some looks)... it's actually a jab at any moron who feels they have the right to tell me what food I should put in my mouth... unless you're a doctor with exhaustive empirical evidence (and even then), it's not your business... get a life.

That's what the hamburger stands for.

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