Band of Horses Shirt - Wild West - Rally Against the Railway

Band of Horses Shirt - Wild West - Rally Against the Railway

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Wild West "Band of Horses" Railroad Revolution Rally T-Shirt

I can no longer keep a straight face when a band of horses revolt... "Neigh, neigh, neigh!" is all they do... honestly, they look like such asses (literally, stupid donkeys)... they don't yet realize the country railroad will give them nothing but free time to roam the old west and really enjoy life... I mean, who actually fights for longer hours and more work???

These silly equestrians stand up on their hind legs like some ghoulish creation from Dr Frankenstein... playing drums, horns, flutes and tambourines to attract attention to their cause... hanging horse show propaganda posters to warn against the coming of trains, and the railway system... it's definitely Crazy Horse.

It seems these silly ponies are protesting the smallest things these days... and though I find their revolution humorously absurd, I am glad they hire me to sit here and play the violin. Some people think that being a joker means being a clown... but to the clown, it means you're always smack in the middle of the party... so call me what you like, but me and my kazoo playing cousin are a couple of the happiest jokers this side of the wild west frontier!

If the 'Iron Horse' hating mares have to be louder than a steam engine whenever they're whinnying about the railway revolt... let it be... as long as they don't derail any locomotives off the tracks... let it be... they're just a bunch of warmblood stallions blowing off steam with a great big party... let it be!

Just be thankful the Necromancers aren't on revolt!

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