Ball of Molten Hendrix - Band of Gypsys Shirt

Ball of Molten Hendrix - Band of Gypsys Shirt

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Vintage Psychedelic "Ball of Molten Lava" Jimi Hendrix Rock T-Shirt

Lava baby...

Y'know, Jimi Hendrix turned to lava, man... all spectacular things of the life turn to lava, where'd you think the lava lamps came from, man?? It's just the way the universe works, when the cosmos smells something extraordinary... BAM!, man... hot molten lava!

It's about feeling groovy, man... and we're not talking about "Far Out, my new shoes fit like gravy" groovy, no way brother blood... we're talking the "existance of mankind" kinda groovy, man!

That deep down feeling of awe-inspired glee that permeates every nerve tendril in your soul when you've just had an epiphany, man... like when you look up at the night sky and finally realize what a "Galaxy" actually means, man... all those solar systems... all those people, man... all those space people out in the solar systems, man!!

THAT's Hendrix, man... he's like the Morning Dew, the first rays of the rising sun after a long night of esoteric partying in the minds eye, man! Like when the trees seems crisper, sharper, as if you're wearing a new pair of rose-colored glasses with extra x-ray vision... you stare long enough, and you see the oxygen in the air appear like a thin purple and yellow layer of oil in water sliding down the wall of the existential atmosphere. Far. Freaking. Out. Man!

And that's when it happens... the leaves on the tree begin turning a vivid green, as blazing blue hues start to creep in like mother natures natural gas... blurring the edges, then burning the edges... igniting... eventually turning the mammoth wooden structure into a spired mountain of oozing lava, a bubbling volcano of red candy fire, flowing up and over, until it drools and melts to meet the earth in a flourescent display of prehistoric creation.

Yeeeahhh... THAT's Hendrix, man...
you feeling me now? Are You Experienced?

The physical pleasure this man exudes from his sonic wall of Marshall Amps is pure exitement, jumping from your ears to your heart, your heart to your brain, blasting the brain with sensations that literally blow your mind... this ain't no game, man... Jimi Hendrix is a Volcano of Molten Lava!

You may think this is just an old Dennis Hopper on drugs, man...
and I may be high on psychedelics, but it ain't drugs...

I'm literally tripping on Hendrix, man! Tripping! On! Pure! Joy!

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