Baby Nymph Rides the Lady Bird - High Fantasy Fairy Tee

Baby Nymph Rides the Lady Bird - High Fantasy Fairy Tee

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Baby Nymph Rides "Lady Bird" to Certain Impending Doom T-Shirt

My mission is to save the day, the night... the everything in-between.

There is a voracious beast which threatens to devour our civilization in the dewy green woods of Yardica... described as a deep black cloud that slowly hovers towards, bringing a terrorizing roar, loud enough to freeze you in place... finally arriving, and in one fell swoop, is capable of annihilating an entire city, like a rapid frenzied animal with nothing but painful, mindless hunger... a horrid monstrosity.

My name is Baby Nymph, a true child of nature's mother Earth... as I mount my winged lady bird, Cuush... we prepare to launch into the swirling purple skies, flying to save our peaceful woodland civilization from a long impending doom... a monster with which we do not know how to defend against.

During our long history here in the great blades of green... we have battled Red Raging Elves, Black River Trolls, Dark Tree Faeries, Thulsa Doom Snakes, even warded off the legendary Kitten of The Apocalypse... but this time, I feel as though we may not be able to overcome this massive soulless threat to our existence... something so large and unavoidable, it boggles the large imagination of an imaginary little people.

Through generations of myth and mystery, it has earned a dark name... spoken only in hushed tones late at night, as if it's always listening, even it's name spoken aloud would call it's wretched terror out into the open to wreak it's destructive havoc upon our tiny world ... a true legend without remorse, it's unholy name is...

The Lawnmower.

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