1970s Fashion - Vintage Smoking Jazz T-Shirt

1970s Fashion - Vintage Smoking Jazz T-Shirt

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Vintage 1970 "Smoking Jazz" Seventies Fashion T-Shirt

Welcome to 1970, my people... a year of groovy ideals and fuzzy beanbags, velvet wallpaper, avocado linoleum and hand-shaped chairs. You could smell the patchouli mingling with the rich aroma of Sai Baba's Nag Champa incense burning next to the hookah. We had beads in our art deco doorways, and flowers in our hair, leftover from the Summer of Love 1969. The flowers are sorta wilted and old now, but they bloomed, man... did they ever bloom! Those were different times from now man, different times... more soul.

Even with Nixon as president, $20 paid the rent and New York was still affordable, not yet packed to the tits with yuppies, banksters, and those weird guys with the monkeys who spin the grinder box handle to beg for money (those dudes are everywhere!). I mean, you could walk barefoot through the city, and nobody would glare like you're some kind of hobo street urchin... it was rockin, man... it was cool!

The whole nation was high on Kermit the Frog telling us "It's Not Easy Being Green" (man, is THAT a loaded statement!)... and Coca Cola telling us "It's The Real Thing"... and yes it was, man, yes it was... when was the last time you saw a commercial that had the balls to call their product "REAL"?? Not even Apple has the chinese mass-produced cojones to make a statement like that... 'cuz we all know it's nothing but plastic these days... nothing is REAL anymore.

But it was real in '70 man... with serious movie names like "Suppose They Gave A War And Nobody Came?" and "Charles Manson: The Helter Skelter Murders"... never mind the more noteable war mongering "Patton", the anti-war sentiment of the legendary "M*A*S*H", and the epic psychedelic love scenes of "Zabriskie Point" with the fantastic Pink Floyd soundtrack... there was crazy sh*t going down too, like the Kent State Massacre, back when the government was killing students (not the students killing students!?!?).

Yeah, it was real... today it's "surreal", like you can't even believe it's really happening! We used to play the game of Life, where you TRY to build it up... these days we play Jenga, where you HOPE you don't knock it down... different times man, different times.

Man, I'm telling ya... today, people's mood rings would be flipping a wig at what's on the scene... the war scene, the corruption scene, even the music scene... the year Nineteen Seventy saw the Rolling Stones release "Gimme Shelter" the movie, one of the most epic rock'n'roll concerts in history, actually ranking up there with the humungous Woodstock Festival of the year before. We saw the death of Jimi Hendrix AND Janis Joplin, both at the age of 27 (putting them into the infamous 27 Club)... so you can bet your ass there was a stampede of Steve McQueen "Bullit" -inspired, revved up Mustang Fastback muscle cars, blasting Hendrix tunes real loud that year... dazed and confused!

And brother, music was important that year... most serious fans of rock music will quickly agree that 1970 was THEE BEST year for talented rock bands (even the no-names were amazinly good and still are hunted for and collected today!)... there was even some great Jazz that year, with Freddie Hubbards "Red Clay" platter... yeah, cats were diggin their Record LP's (Long Players) on home turntables and 8-Track Cassette players in the car (Quadraphonic baby!)... man we were jamming, jamming, jamming to the music!

We had the Beatles and the Jackson 5... while Diana Ross was groovin', the whole world was moving, to the beats of Sly and The Family Stone (There's a Riot Goin On!)... we had Edwin Star asking us all about War; and we're still wondering "what is it good for?"

We're still wondering, man... still wondering.

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